GeoViz_Cup (C) HCU

The GeoViz_Hamburg 2011 Workshop is over now! Thanks to all participants, contributors and aides!

On this website you will still find the technical program (now including most of the presented slides) as well as several pictures of the event.


Modern society is engulfed in and increasingly fuelled by an overwhelming glut of geospatial information. For instance, virtual globes have integrated terabytes of satellite imagery, aerial photos, digital maps and user generated content meaning that citizens across the globe can zoom from space right down to street level, and easily pinpoint their individual houses and add georeferenced images and comments. However, it is geospatial knowledge, in forms of patterns, structures, relationships, and rules, rather than the assembly of spatial information, that can significantly contribute to solving real world problems.

Neither human operators nor automatic procedures alone are able to derive such knowledge in an effective or efficient manner. Hence, there is the need to link computational methods with interactive maps and cartographic techniques to support analysis of complex, voluminous and heterogeneous information involving measurements made in space and time.

This linkage of computational and visual methods will be addressed at this specialist workshop in detail. It will deal will relevant theories as well as with various applications from decision support, disaster management, information communication, and many others in which computational techniques for analyzing and modeling geospatial information are integrated with visual methods for their depiction, interaction and analysis.

This meeting will follow the format of the successful GeoViz Hamburg meeting of March 2009.