Research at the Lab for Geoinformatics and Geovisualization (g2lab) is about
.. visualizing spatio-temporal data to enable the  understanding of complex problems and decision making
.. applying task-oriented approaches to generate effective and efficient visualizations
.. modeling and communicating uncertainties to make decisions more certain

Latest News

Dr. Inga Schlegel!

Inga Schlegel

In May 2023, Inga Schlegel successfully completed her doctorate in engineering. Her topic: "Semi-automated extraction of information from large-scale historical maps". Her supervisors were Professors Jochen Schiewe and Lorenz Hurni (ETH Zurich).
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Sea Level Map


g2lab has develop a web-based visualization of sea level rise simulations for Northern Germany.
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g2lab works modeling and visualizing uncertain data for health applications.
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PAKOMM (C) unsplash

g2lab leads the joined project "Partizipation - Kollaborativ und multimedial", together with CSL (HCU) and HAW, funded by the City of Hamburg
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0 CO2 Speicherstadt

0 CO2

g2lab is working on the development of usable Building Information Models (BIM) in the context of a CO2 neutral operation of historical building in the Hamburg Speicherstadt.
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Book 'Kartographie'

The textbook on Cartography (in German), written by Jochen Schiewe, describes the fundamentals of Cartography
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Book 'Geoinformatik'

The textbook on "Geoinformatics" (in German), written by Jochen Schiewe together with Manfred Ehlers (University of Osnabrück), covers the basics of GI Science.
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In the media

Jochen Schiewe in a podcast of Hamburg Research Academy on the power of visualizations"

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The NDR reports from the project "Sea Level Map"

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Another NDR reports from the project "Sea Level Map"

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