The Lab for Geoinformatics and Geovisualization (g2lab) is responsible for coordinating the relevant education within the Bachelor and Master programs in Geomatics at the HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU), and for fostering research and development in this field. Researchers from various disciplines are working together dedicated to topics like modeling and visualization of uncertainties, usability of maps, or Geovisual Analytics.

Latest News

New project: Finding Places Hamburg


g2lab is involved in the HCU City Science Lab, a co-operation with MIT Boston more information, as well as in the project Finding Places for searching and evaluating living space for refugees in Hamburg.
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Henry Johns Award


Our paper "How to Assess Visual Communication of Uncertainty? A Systematic Review of Geospatial Uncertainty Visualisation User Studies" (authors: Christoph Kinkeldey, Alan MacEachren & Jochen Schiewe) has been recognized with the “Henry Johns Award” for the most outstanding paper published in The Cartographic Journal in 2014.
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New project funded by VolkswagenStiftung


g2lab has received funding by VolkswagenStiftung for the project on "Combining data of different spatial granularity (CoGran)" which will be conducted together with Julius Tröger (Berliner Morgenpost).
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New publication


The paper "An initial analysis of design parameters affecting the interpretation of noise maps: Insights gained in empirical research" by
Beate Weninger was published as Open Access in the Kartographische Nachrichten.
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Two successful PHD defenses

g2lab experienced two very successful PhD defenses: Beate Weninger and Christoph Kinkeldey received the desired „additional two letters".
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Workshop GeoViz_Hamburg 2015 at g2lab

We saw the successful workshop on "Supporting decision making through geovisualization: a view from different perspectives" – including presentations given by Alan MacEachren, Alexander Klippel, Liqiu Meng, Sarah Fabrikant and André Skupin.
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The Remarkable Map

The "Remarkable Map" is a blog (in German) that is co-ordinated and shaped by Johannes Kröger and Beate Weninger from g2lab.
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In the media

A video recording of a presentation given by Jochen Schiewe on uncertainty in media maps (October 22, 2015) - starting at minute 3:40
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A radio interview with Beate Weninger, Jochen Schiewe and Johannes Kröger on sound and color in maps - broadcasted on NDR Info (August 23, 2013) 
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A radio interview with Jochen Schiewe on uncertainty information and trust in maps - broadcasted on Deutschlandfunk (August 29, 2013) 
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A radio interview with Jochen Schiewe and Johannes Kröger on maps that help people with color vision deficiency - broadcasted on Deutschlandfunk (September 30, 2013)
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Book 'Geoinformatik'

Textbook "Geoinformatik"

The textbook on "Geoinformatik" (in German), written by Jochen Schiewe in co-operation with Manfred Ehlers (University of Osnabrück) is still available.
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