Better decision based on uncertain data (BEMUDA)

Spatial data is used for a variety of decisions. They are usually presented as unique values, although many users are aware of the fact that they also contain uncertainties. These uncertainties arise during raw data acquisition, processing or graphical representation. Combining multiple datasets adds up to these uncertainties and worsens the basis for decision making even further. Despite this awareness, uncertainty information is usually not taken into account in typical evaluation processes.

One goal of this project is to design a framework concept that represents the entire chain of capturing, storing, and visualizing the uncertainty information. Particular attention is paid to the propagation of uncertainties. The practical aim is the prototypical implementation in an open source software tool, which should also enable users without expertise in geoinformatics to handle uncertainties simply and with added value.

This project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). The mFUND-program promotes the scope of the BMVI’s extensive open source data research platform mCloud. 

The BEMUDA tool can be downloaded and used for free here.

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