Analysis and Improvement of the User-Friendliness of Strategic Noise Maps for Public Participation (PhD project)

We aim at improving the user-friendliness of strategic noise maps according to the EU directive 2002/49/EC that stipulates the drawing up of noise maps for specified areas every five years. The resulting maps are the basis for noise action planning and the communication of noise exposure to the general public. Interviews with users showed that most maps used for public participation are not user-friendly. Therefore we conducted qualitative, quantitative and requirements analyses of noise maps used within Germany to evaluate what aspects have to be improved. In experiments and studies we tested our hypotheses and come up with suggestions for improvement. A special focus is put on the color scale representing the noise pressure level as it is the major content in noise maps.

This project emanates from the project OptiLAP that was financed by the German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA).

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