New 3D "dive throughs" the Elbe for a Multimedia Special

Together with the newspaper WELT g2lab has developed new views of the river Elbe, showing the riverbed in a couple of 3D interactive views and videos. Those have been integrated into a multimedia special which also consists of 360° videos of the Hamburg Port acquired from a ship. Goal of this storytelling project is to give people better insights into the complex topic of the fairway adjustment of the Elbe. The Senator for Traffic in Hamburg, Frank Horch, states: "I haven't seen such a representation before. Such 3D views are able to produce a better understanding of infrastructure projects or environmental interventions" (WELT, 01.09.2016).

Data for this project was provided by the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSA) of Cuxhaven and Hamburg as well as by Hamburg Port Authority (HPA). At HCU this data was corrected, merged and visualized so that several 3D "dive throughs" became available.

Multimedia special (WELT)

Videos in full length and reduced velocity (no sound)

Video 1: From Elbe Estuary near Cuxhaven down to Brunsbüttel
Video 2: From Brunsbüttel down to Wedel


Animation 1: Old Elbtunnel
Animation 2: Parkhafen (digging traces)
Animation 3: Turning Circle in Hamburg Port
Animation 4: Ship Wrecks

In the press

Making of (WELT)
Announcement (WELT)

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