Karl-Peter Traub Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Area of research

GIS and Remote Sensing


  • Geographische Informationssysteme I (BSc program Geomatics)
  • Fachinformationssysteme (MSc program Geomatics and Urban Planning)
  • Projektmanagement (MSc program Geomatics)
  • Geologie/Geomorphologie (BSc program Geomatics)
  • Fernerkundung (BSc program Geomatics)
  • Remote Sensing (MSc program Hydrography)
  • Ortsplanung (BSc program Geomatics)
  • GIS im Landmanagement (BSc program Geomatics)
  • Fachinformationssysteme (University of Hamburg, Institute of Geography)

Curriculum Vitae

since 2006 Professor for Geographic Information Systems and Land Management at HafenCity University Hamburg, Germany
1999 - 2005 Professor for Planning and Information Systems at the Department of Geomatics, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
1997 - 1999 Country Editor Philippines for the GIS Asia/Pacific magazine (since 1999: Geo Asia/Pacific)
1997 GIS-Consultant to the State Government of Sarawak, East-Malaysia, development of a State-GIS Masterplan
1995 - 1999 Manager of GEOPLAN CEBU Foundation, Inc. in Cebu City, Philippines, under the Integrated Expert´s Program of GTZ/CIM
1993 - 1995 Advisor and Deputy Teamleader for a GTZ-supported Vegetation Mapping Project (VegRIS) in Harare, Zimbabwe
1993 Desk officer at GTZ-HQ, Dept. 425, Multi-sectoral Urban and Rural Development
1990 - 1992 GIS-Advisor in a GTZ-supported Regional Rural Development Project in Cebu, Philippines, within the junior advisor's program (PA) of GTZ for future management staff
1990 Ph.D. examination at University of Marburg, Germany
1988 - 1990 Field studies and GTZ-Consultant for the project Opération de Dévéloppement Agricole Integré (ODAI) in Port-Bergé, Madagascar
1988 Final exams in Geography, Geology, Soil Science at University of Marburg, Germany
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